Capital City CrossFit

Capital City CrossFit, established in 2010, aims to provide a positive and challenging environment that promotes health, fitness, well being, and community.

Our mission is to ensure that standards for elite fitness are upheld through proper coaching, strategic programming, and adherence to the CrossFit methodology.  

We here at Capital City CrossFit strive for excellence at all times, both individually and as a team.


Wednesday June 28th, 2017


4 sets:

3.3.3 Speed Deadlifts* @ 50-55%% 1RM

Rest :60

5-8 L-Pull ups** @ 21×1 Tempo

Rest :60

*Perform three touch and go deadlifts focusing on rapid hip extension once the bar passes the knees. Drop the bar, rest for 10 seconds, repeat two more times for one complete set.  Do not exceed 55% of 1RM.

**Progressions of the L-Pull → Tucked knee Pull-ups → L-Body rows w/ heels on the floor → L-Body Rows w/ feet flat on the floor.


“The Catalina Wine Mixer”

3 rounds for time:

500m Row
50′ Handstand Walk
75 Double Unders

*Scale for Handstand Walk → 20 Shoulder touches → 5 Wall Climbs → 3 Wall Climbs