Capital City CrossFit

Capital City CrossFit, established in 2010, aims to provide a positive and challenging environment that promotes health, fitness, well being, and community.

Our mission is to ensure that standards for elite fitness are upheld through proper coaching, strategic programming, and adherence to the CrossFit methodology.  

We here at Capital City CrossFit strive for excellence at all times, both individually and as a team.


March 2020 Athlete of the Month – Scott Weakley

Congratulations to Scott Weakley, our March 2020 Athlete of the Month. Scott has been around awhile, longer than most, as he’s been punching the C3 clock on a regular basis for 7.5 years now. Scott is a bonafide member of the 5:00am morning crew. Most would agree that waking up well before the sun to put your body through the rigors is no easy task. Scott, however, has embraced this and has become one of our more consistent members of the Dawn Patrol.

Although Scott is an experienced CrossFitter, he continues to improve in all facets of his fitness. Two things that prove this to be true – his (and Alex Gee’s) 1st place finish in the 8th Annual IceBreather Classic last month, and, for the first time ever, Scott Clean & Jerked 300 pounds just a couple of weeks ago! This is quite an accomplishment and a milestone for Scott, all earned through hard work and consistency. He comes in, does the work, and doesn’t complain (..too much).

Congratulations Scott Weakle…